Monday 31 January 2011

A dead swan

It was quite overwhelming to see this dead swan. Such a beautiful animal.

Friday 28 January 2011

Under development

We are in the middle of a new project involving these little fellows.
Have a happy weekend.

Wednesday 26 January 2011

avantGarden is alive...again!!!!

avantGarden our design/art group has come to live again. Last week we had a really inspirering meetting with all the cool women in the group. Talked serious stuff. This time we are planning an exhibition in London during London Design Week 2011.
We all share our inspiration on our blog and you are all invited to take a look.

Tuesday 25 January 2011


Got a new lamp in the studio today. Don't you think it is beautiful?

Monday 24 January 2011

The birthday continues

Kristine made this wonderful card and surprised me with a lovely birthday breakfast this morning. Sweet her.

I also had a lovely day yesterday with lots of handwritten letters and cards – it is really something special to receive a letter from the postman in these days. You read it slower and in a different way than an e-mail. Thank you

Sunday 23 January 2011

Happy birthday Sabine

Today it is Sabine's birthday. I really hope that she is having a good day with her family. Feel so lucky I have her in my life. The best to you Sabine.

Friday 21 January 2011

Pictures from yesterday.

There are only two things Bror wants to his birthday and that is LEGO and superheroes.
Right now we are listening to this.

Thursday 20 January 2011

Bror six years old

This is how he felt today when he woke up and was six years old. Time is truely flying.

Wednesday 19 January 2011


Now it is time for a snack. Beetroot and horseradish sandwich spread...we like!

Svensk tenn

This shop makes me happy - my next buy must be some fabric for my sofa by Josef Frank

Tuesday 18 January 2011

De Gournay

Check out their website

My bookworm

My Alba is a true bookworm and I am so glad. So many adventures are waiting for her to explore.
Right now I am reading 'Until I find you' by John Irving.

Monday 17 January 2011

Before and now

This is how our livingroom looked before and this is how it looks after this weekend. Big changes in the hole apartment. I hope the 'after' picture is ready soon.
Pictures from our talk here. Sorry Elisabeth we did not get it on video.

Sunday 16 January 2011

News from Lucky Boy Sunday

 What a nice univers - love the fancy finger cushion

Friday 14 January 2011


Sorry for the lousy post today. But this is how we feel right now, like dried out flowers. After yesterdays talk, we are just exhausted, so we are of for an early weekend. Thank you everybody who came and thank you to Lisa and Laura for a cozy dinner.

Wednesday 12 January 2011

New vase

There is a new vase in the the shop. It is handcastet with two different colors of porcelain. Small holes are strewn around the vase, every one of them made by hand. Size: 14 cm. high, dia. 9 cm.

At Underwerkets Projects talk tomorrow, you will be able to shop some of our products to "a very special price for you".

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Talk at Underwerkets projects

If you want to hear more about these two ladies – show up at Underwerkets projects on Thursday at 15.30

Monday 10 January 2011

Details from the weekend

We spend the hole weekend inside. As you can see on the pictures, Alba and Bror really turned their rooms upside down playing together.
Today we are going to prepare our talk in Underwerkets Projects.

Friday 7 January 2011


I know it is to early.
But I can dream.
Found these nice patterns of tulips a long time ago here.


January – I want to change.
I want to paint my walls and get new furniture. I need a rug with color, something dramatic for my entrance, and big cushions in some nice textile.
- And I want to be a better version of myself.

I am so sorry but I can not remember where I got the pictures from. Please help.

Thursday 6 January 2011

Meyer-Lavigne talk

It is Meyer-Lavigne who does the talk this time at Underwerkets Projects. Thursday the 13th of January at 15.30. The talk will be held in Underwerkets studio space: Slagtehusgade 44,, Copenhagen V. The entrance is free, so all you have to do, is show up and join us. See you!!

Wednesday 5 January 2011

New platters in the shop

Three new platters are now living on the shelves in our shop. Party Bow, Skull Clown anf Kapow charms. Go there and have a look.