Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mingus and his new lavender colored scarf

Yesterday we received a soft packet from Grandma Alice. She has just knitted some leggings for Sofia and this time it was a beautiful lavender colored scarf to fit the leggings. But Mingus got pretty sad that he did not receive anything and Sofia immediately sensed it and said” I think it is for you” And Mingus got so happy that he had to sleep with his lavender colored scarf on all night.  I am happy he do not care about the colorpolice that dictates what colors boys and girls should wear- Next time he should go for a sweater.

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Inger Marie said...

Such a sweet story! And you are absolutely right: Lets fight the colour dictation! I think that pink is so nice for a little boy and I am so happy that my little girl only wants to wear blue at the moment :)