Friday, 12 August 2011

First day at school

Now I have two kids in school. Crazy. Goodbye to kindergarden and hallo to school. Bror was really nervous, but he ended up having a great day.
Must say that I can't get my arms down for our local public school. Much have been written about public schools and not for the good. But we are more than satisfied. Professional, creative and competent people are taking care of our children and give them such a safe environment to grow in. It is a school that reflects the world we live in and learns the children to be openminded and full of acceptance of each other despite diversity. Repsect!!


Ida said...

En af mine gode kollegaer er netop startet på den skole. Det lyder helt vildt fedt, de ting de har gang i!
Tillykke med den store dreng med første skoledag.

Meyer-Lavigne said...

Tak skal du ha' Ida.

underwerket / Lisa Grue said...

he looks so much like his daddy, i can understand why you are proud of this little big man.

RATZER said...

congratulations ;)