Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Lenneke Wispelwey

This is what she loves:
Foamfountains, daisyflower-necklaces, shooting stars, Amelie, roadtrips, tropical cocktails, Portugal, put a smile on a sad face, mix and match, finding treasures, walk-in closets, handmade, old black and white family pictures, dinnerparty’s with friends, receiving mail the old fashioned way, foreign postcards, going to the theatre alone, pastel colours, fleemarkets, porcelain cups with colourful flowers and a golden rims, old records, cuckoo clocks, contrast, things that are so ugly they become beautiful again, clouds that look like bunny's, italian icecream, my mothers apple pie, surprising a friend, dancing my butt off, Prince himself, kitsch.......

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i♥sisterbrandt said...

· { ja hun er super dygtig, har været vild med hendes knapper for a long time } ·