Friday, 22 January 2010

7 meter large x 4 meter wide

On Saturday the 30 January 2010, 12 of Denmark’s largest humanitarian organizations will be collecting money for Haiti and the women of Africa.

We have donated the rug we made together with Egetæpper, for the exhibition AvantGarden at Lynfabrikken in august. It will now be sold at

So do your bet and get an adventurous rug made by Meyer-Lavigne. All the money goes to Haiti and the women of Africa.


Working Art said...

Fantastisk tæppe - fantastisk at i donerer det! -Må det indbringe masser af penge!!

i♥sisterbrandt said...

· { so cool } ·

jokemijn said...

wow, hadn't seen the rug yet, it's amazing, i love the fact it also covers the walls. Hope you raised a lot of money selling it!